Going content-first

I've been working in web design and development for about 5 or 6 years now and have never had a website of my own I've been proud of. The LoudNoises site (which now redirects here) had a few iterations, but the cobbler's children could never seem to find their way to well-fitting pair of shoes.

So, I'm taking a different approach with getting a proper setup here.

On shoelessness

Being an experienced web designer with no proper web presence is a frustrating place to be. You never have time to get to it, which I think is why so many web designers hire other web designers to design and build their sites.

Depending on when you read this post, it will be painfully obvious that this is one of the first and (at time of writing) only posts on this new site which bears my name. So many times over the last 6(ish) years I've had great content ideas to share with the world, but no proper platform to share them.

I'd have done it on the LoudNoises site, but eh, I really wanted to change the font. I'd have changed the font, but then I really may as well reestablish the font stack based on ems. Or rems. And anyway, I've client email to get to.

So, ideas and experiences go unpublished.

No one comes to your website for your color palette

To the handful of you who are reading this at launch of the new site, here is the plan: get my content right. And lots of it. Then colors and layout and so forth.

But in the mean time, it's time for the world to get to know me.

I'll be writing mostly on the things I'm best at: designing stuff, coding it up, and creating websites and apps that become the engine of my clients' businesses. I'll be sharing non-proprietary learnings and hopefully helping lots of people out in the process.

In my web design work, I'm quite fond of the content-first mentality (design the layouts and architecture of your site around the content), vs. I guess what you'd call an art-first approach. And that's the plan here.

Make with the pretty

Once I've got what I consider a solid direction and body of work in place here, I'll spruce things up, and hopefully you'll find consuming the content more enjoyable.

In the mean time, drop me a line and say hey.

Image copyright: valex113 / 123RF Stock Photo